Knights Armament (KAC) 11-rib RAS rail cover, Taupe Custom Duracoat

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Knights Armament (KAC) 11-rib RAS rail cover, Taupe Custom Duracoat

Knights Armament (KAC) 11-rib RAS rail cover, Taupe (Custom)

Charlie's has a custom made Duaracoat Taupe color rail.  The color is pretty close to Knight's Armament Taupe color, and we have arranged to have Duracoat create a color just for us.  The trouble with trying to recreate the KAC taupe rail covers has been that the colors have changed over the years.  We used one of the earlier taupe colors, and it looks good.  Darker than Charlie's custom FDE Duracoat, and lighter than our FDE Cerakote.

KAC’s iconic Ribbed Rail Panels have seen use all over the globe on US military M4 Carbines. The lightweight polymer panels are ribbed for an enhanced grip, and help insulate the support hand from barrel heat. While originally designed for use on the KAC M4 RIS and M4 RAS rails, these panels are also compatible with many other railed handguards.  

Note:  This is not solid polymer Taupe, but black polymer which has been coated in a Taupe color.  We have not been able to scratch the surface to show the black, but with extreme wear or cutting, you could. 

Why Duracoat?  Why not Cerakote?  We use both, as well as other coatings, like Norell's Moly Resin.  Each has its place.  We prefer Duracoat on polymer surfaces.  We bake it a long time on very low temperatures, and then air cure for a few weeks, and it comes out very nice.  Very durable, does not chip, and you have to really try to remove it.  If we did not tell you it was coated, you probably would not realize it.  And the color...  GTG !!
Material: Polymer
Ribs: 11
Length: 6.15"

Charlie's Custom FDE (not as orange as Taupe.  Closer to KAC Tan, but more dull)

Part No.  KM-95047

One (1) rail cover