Geissele USASOC M4 URGi SOPMOD 14.5" Rifle Kit - Super Duty M4 midlength

Product is assembled as ordered, allow 4 to 7 weeks for assembly and pinning and welding flash hider.

Geissele Near-Clone M4 SOPMOD Rifle with 14.5" URGi - Midlength gas system

Released by Geissele in 2020, then retired, Charlie's brings to you as a custom-built kit

The Super Duty URG-I M4 Carbine brings you to the forefront of performance by mating the URG-I Upper (currently fielded by USASOC) with a Geissele Super Duty Lower. Field tested and proven, this 5.56 NATO chambered, 14.5” carbine kit is assembled by Potomac Armory in the USA. The Geissele SMR MK16 brings you unparalleled M-LOK modularity and ergonomics. Potomac Armory includes the Geissele two-stage trigger, which has been known for superior performance for years.

This rifle comes with some of Charlie's favorites:  in addition to the awesome Mk16 upper, Bill and team have added a Geissele trigger; the Maritime Bolt CatchFN barrel and B5 SOPMOD.  We love B5.  Great products.  The barrel is a mid-length FN military barrel, with a mil-spec Mk12 gas block, as is used by the US Military.

This is a no tax stamp 14.5" rifle, as the flash hider is pinned and welded

The original carbine was a special release by Geissele in late 2020, but was a one-time build.  At that time, Geissele was featuring the Surefire SOCOM 4-prong flash hider.  This build is considered by many to be an upgrade, as it uses the very popular Surefire SOCOM Warcomp 3-tine flash suppressor.  Both accept currently manufactured Surefire SOCOM RC2 and Mini-2 suppressors.  We realize that some collectors would like to have the Surefire SOCOM 4-prong, but it is becoming harder to source, and the Warcomp is universally agreed to be an improvement in performance.

Magpul back-up MBUS2 sights are included (may not be in some pictures)


Geissele Super Duty Upper Receiver, 7075 aluminum forged and military grade anodized, engraved T marks, black


Surefire SOCOM Warcomp 3-prong pinned and welded (when available, you can upgrade to a Surefire SOCOM 4-prong for an additional charge. Just add in the notes section.)


FN 14.5" chrome-lined Government profile, CMV, 1:7 twist, 5.56 NATO chambered




Mk12 military spec steel gas block, with dimpled barrel and set screws and semi-permanent red Loctite


Geissele Mk16 in DDC


Military grade USASOC Geissele Airborne (URGI) DDC charging handle


Geissele milspec phosphate finished BCG


Geissele Super Duty Lower Receiver


Geissele 2-stage G2S trigger


Super-42 H2 spring and buffer


Geissele factory mil-spec Lower Parts Kit


Geissele Maritime Bolt Catch


Magpul MBUS Gen2 back-up flip-up polymer sights


B5 Systems SOPMOD black (can substitute with Coyote or FDE if requested)





Video courtesy of Garand Thumb; Pictures from Geissele, Potomac Armory, Charlies Custom Clones
Manufacturer's model was 08-350 before being discontinued.
Note:  some pictures reflect the original Geissele offering with the 4-prong flash hider.  That is not an option.  The Surefire Warcomp is the correct muzzle device.  Residents in states that ban flash hiders can request a Surefire brake at no additional charge, but expect additional armorer time.

Some options that Charlie's recommends with this rifle:

Note:  This is a rifle kit.  The upper will ship to your home and the lower to your local firearms dealer.  The parts are fully assembled as an upper and lower, and will ship to you as an upper to your home and a lower to your local gun dealer.  We call this a rifle kit.  It comes fully assembled, but you must mate the upper and lower together.  This is done to preserve the Colt branding.
As this product is assembled as ordered, if you have a special request or substitution, be sure to ask our sales team.  Not all requests can be honored, and not all parts that you ask for might be in-stock.  Generally, swaps and additions can be made if parts are available, but parts cannot be removed.

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