Geissele / Colt M4 Upper Receiver Group, URG-I, Modified Clone (unpinned)

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Geissele / Colt Upper Receiver Group, URG-I Clone Mod 1, Geissele gas block and red-dot mount, Surefire (unpinned) flash hider

This is with the UNPINNED Surefire flash hider (your choice of 4-prong, 3-prong or Warcomp), and Colt upper receiver group.

Note:  This is identical in all ways to the Geissele assembled Clone Correct URGi, except that it has a Geissele low profile gas block, instead of a Daniel Defense Mk12.  This is what is being called the "modifed Clone URGi" or the URGi Mod 1.

Added Bonus:  Your choice of a free Geissele ACOG or Aimpoint Mount, or $50 off any Geissele mount of your choice.*

Some of our customers had asked for the Geissele block and we at Charlie's are happy to provide this as a Charlie's Exclusive.  The Geissele gas block is installed and pinned by Geissele. Some users have found that the Mk12 gas block could hit the Geissele rail during firing.  This has not been the case with our testing, but some end-users of the Clone URG have noted this.  Others have asked that we provide the Geissele gas block as it is lighter, smaller, and some customers prefer this over the DD Mk12, which is, of an older generation of AR15 hardware.

The final assembly of the Colt receiver to the Geissele rail and DD barrel has been done under contract exclusively for Charlie's by Potomac Armory.

The US Army Special Operation Command is changing out the M4 upper receivers with this new improved model, which features the Geissele Mk16 DDC rail, and a Daniel Defense 14.5" Government profile mid-length barrel

This model is the modified Geissele clone correct upper, also known as the Clone URG Mod 1.  Charlie's has worked closely with Geissele to bring you what you are looking for.  

Each URGI is fitted with the handguard Geissele designed specifically for USASOC, the MK 16 M-LOK™ Super Modular Rail handguard with a full-length Picatinny top rail and lotsa slots for other accessories. T-markings are engraved on the rail and painted on the receiver


  • Colt M4 receiver with forward assist, shell deflector & ejection port cover
  • Geissele Mk16 Super Modular Handguard with Geissele roll-marks
  • Daniel Defense 14.5" CHF barrel with 1-7" rifling & 1/2"-28 tpi muzzle threads and mid-length gas system
  • Geissele Airborne charging handle (military version with roll-marks) DDC 
  • Geissele black nitrided gas block, pinned and installed on the barrel by Geissele.
  • Colt M16 BCG: bolt and carrier group
  • Surefire SOCOM flash hider, your choice of three different SOCOM varieties, all of which allow for the attachment of a Surefire SOCOM suppressor.
  • Surefire certificate for 30% off on SOCOM mil-spec NSN suppressor
  • Surefire certificate for 30% off on select Surefire light

Note:  for free or discounted mount offer:  Put in the comments, when purchasing, which mount you would like:  a) ACOG mount, b) the Aimpoint T1 style mount in full or 1/3 co-witness, or c) a $50 discount on any Geissele mount.  If your choice is not in-stock, you will receive the mount separately when in-stock.  If you choose the $50 off offer, you will receive a code to purchase your Geissele mount within 90 days of the purchase of the URGi.

Note:  if you select WarComp, we time this as neutral (ports pointed up).  If you want it timed to the starboard side, please make sure to put that in the comments.  Both are correct.  Our gunsmiths prefer ports timed up.

Note:  This barrel, with a pinned and welded flash hider will measure over 16" so it will be "street legal," and will not require NFA registration as an SBR when mounted on a lower receiver as a rifle.

ITAR warning Charlie's Custom Clones ITAR warning:  This item may only be purchased and shipped to US Persons within the USA.  This is a military item, which is restricted from export without US Government permission.