Custom Potomac SBR Mod0

New FbI H.R.T. upper its finally here this is it! Yes 11.5 colt factory barrel, A2 flash hider, The one of 2 Colt pistol in the industry! The first model was a hit! Don't forget the Geissele Mk4 rail thats light and has mounted at 3,6,9 o'clock 1918 rails and M-lok combo make this look mean,  Almost like the A-10 wart hog, this pistol is the A-10 of pistols. To me at least, To each his own I say. This pistol want to own specially in comp shooter.

Custom Potomac Armory SBR Mod 0

What else can we say?  At Charlie's we love military clones, but if you cannot have a military Mk18, or you are just looking for something different, this is one of the best of the best.  Colt and Geissele parts in a mosh pit of excitement !!!

  • Colt mil-spec M4 upper receiver
  • Colt FBI 11.5" HRT barrel -- heavy profile
  • Geissele 9-1/2" Mk18 DDC a more modern FDE, if you will
  • Geissele black oxide blackened gas block, pinned
  • Fully assembled, with nitrided black (made in USA) gas tube

Bear with us.  This is a concept upper.  Once built, we will provide pics.  No issues, as we have pre-sold  a handful.