Colt M4A1 factory upper receiver group, complete 2017 (non-SBR)

$1,089.99 - $1,389.99
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Discontinued by Manufacturer:
we get a very small number in trade each year

Colt 14.5" SOCOM M4A1 "Block 1"

with M4 RAS upper

This is a 2017 vintage upper, which means, it has the "C" mark, and not the new CAGE CODE

This is factory direct from Colt.  Limited Supply.  Hot Seller

The barrel is pinned and welded by Colt, overall barrel length is LEGAL at 16.1”. New factory Colt M4A1 Complete Upper with Block 1 features and possibilities for a Block 2. Colt factory pinned 14.5” SOCOM profile barrel. You do not see this often at all. YAHOO !!! Shout it louder.

"Street legal" factory pinned barrel from Colt, makes this item legal to own without an NFA tax stamp. A few surface scratches, which, if you buy new Colt, you know are common. This is a highly desired and sought after upper. When I hold it, I never want to let it go. I tell her, stay with me, Charlie love you long time. Haha. It is yours my friend. Make the right bid.

The upper comes with Complete with a KAC-style M4 "RAS" handrail with 3 KAC ribbed covers, Colt heavy profile SOCOM barrel (standard SOCOM with M203 cuts), Matech GI issue rear BUIS and genuine Colt complete BCG. Still heavy with Colt factory oil, not shot since factory testing. This is a new factory upper, with the upper receiver, barrel, FSB, all being factory timed and installed Yes, bolt, carrier, barrel and upper receiver all have Colt markings that you would expect.*

Take a look at the pics. The Matech has the new Picatinny Engineering logo/marking on the right side. Colt calls this GI Issue. Technically yes, but most of us might expect no markings for USGI. This is how Colt shipped it, so I want it to as pure as Colt shipped it.

It is my understanding that the actual rifles were manufactured years ago, and only recently released. The barrels do have cage codes, which would suggest a 2015 or later barrel, but other parts appear to be "new old stock," including the M4 quad rails, which have older dates. I also understand that this is a very limited release from Colt, and that only 200 or so were produced. Colt did release a pinned 15.5" Expanse model, but the flash hider was much different, and (obviously) that was a budget model. This upper is a normal extended A2 flash hider, and looks very normal, and quite the bomb. This is a military rifle upper, and not a gimmick. Very few will be able to own this, and those who do, will be very happy they got the real deal.

The Upper comes with a mil-spec M4 RAS quad rail. Some earlier rifles and their uppers shipped with the Troy rail, but you should not be confused with that model. That model was a commercial release and had a standard 16” 6920 barrel. This is a military rifle upper, with the flash hider pinned. That is the only part that is civilian. The 6920 released with the Troy rail was a nice rifle. This is a great military M4A1 upper. Your upper (here) has one has a mil-spec M4 RAS. The military sourced these from both Knights Armament (KAC) and P&S Products. This rifle upper ships with the P&S Products quad rail and new or near new KAC rail covers. Keep in-mind that some parts of the RAS are new old stock, and some of the rails have shown some age, as well as being dated old, when you turn them over. Some have some minor scratching. I think Colt went into their military surplus pile and added these on. Nothing wrong with that!!!

This is a new, take-off from the Colt LE6920-SOCOM limited release in 2017.  At Charlie's we have the FN SOCOM upper as well here: FN SOCOM upper

Note:  This is the from the limited release 2017 rifles, of which there were roughly 200 sold.  Do not confuse this with an HBPW or other newer or older releases.  The 2017 release had all the bells and whistles, ready for battle.

from Colt:

Colt LE6920 SOCOM Complete Upper Assembly

--- Complete Colt M4 Full Auto Bolt Carrier Assembly is standard.

--- Colt mil-spec cage code stamped 14.5-Inch 1/7 twist 5.56 NATO chrome-lined MP tested barrel with factory tuned and professionally pinned front sight base (FSB) with bayonet lug and an option for a sling loop swivel. Note: comes standard with Colt pinned extended A2 flash hider, so not an NFA item, you can also choose (no additional cost) the same exact Colt SOCOM barrel, unpinned, which is an NFA item. Note:  Picture shown with standard pinned A2 barrel and optional Colt FSB side-sling mount, which you can buy here

--- Unique direct gas operating system eliminates the conventional operating rod and results in fewer and lighter components.

--- Accommodates the full range of 5.56mm ammunition, including the NATO M855/SS109 and U.S. M193, as well as longer-range ammo like the Mk262 Mod1 77 grain, preferred for SOCOM operations, utilizing a rifling twist of 1 turn in 7".

--- Backup rear sight: Matech Picatinny Engineering labeled is standard,

--- Mil Spec Charging Handle.

Note: Standard configuration is NOT an NFA item. If you choose the unpinned barrel, all NFA laws will apply.

Some options apply.  Some photos do not represent all options.

Note: All ITAR regulations apply. Charlie's deals in the real McCoy. Your item most likely has parts that cannot be shipped outside of the USA, or owned in the USA by non-US Persons. You take accountability to safeguard parts and the entire upper, and get necessary approvals to transport outside the USA.

Note: Any serial number(s) in photos are not necessarily the same serial number as the item that will ship. Also, for items where I am selling more than one of the same item, the pictures are meant to be representative of the item that will ship and show you the details of the item.

 * Some Colt uppers are being shipped with the front sight base (FSB) not being marked with an "F" and the bolt carrier not being marked with a "C."  All upper receivers have a "C" and all bolts are marked "MPC" like you would expect.

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