CLE National Match .223 URG Upper Receiver Group


CLE is the mark of precision.  Frank White at Compass Lake brings his decades of experience to us to use.

Charlie's is proud to be working with CLE and adding a few of their amazing uppers to our line-up.  Frank and his team are able to get the precision out of a .223 / 5.56 platform that is normally reserved for 6.5mm Creedmoor bench-rest bolt action shooters.  The only problem with this upper is that the price is too low.  Get one now, before the word is out just how perfect it is.  It will shoot .5 MOA, or it is the shooter's fault !!!

Compass Lake Engineering's Match Rifle Upper 

CLE Match Rifles are built with a 2" diameter, three piece, free floating aluminum handguard that is slotted to accept your hand stop. 

The standard muzzle diameter is .750 and is turned back 1.50". This will accommodate pretty much any sight on the market today.  

Built on a Flat Top upper, it is easy to mount almost any kind of sights. Many 'top mount' sights will bolt right on with no need for any additional bases. 


  • Douglas 1:7 twist Chrome-Moly Steel Allow Barrel, polished finish
  • 24" barrel length
  • .750" muzzle