Cadex MX-1 Muzzle Break for calibers for .50 cal BMG

MSRP: $509.95
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Cadex MX1 Muzzle Break

We love Cadex, but we really love this design, and the price.  When you start looking a big caliber muzzle breaks, you can pay a lot of money and still get junk.  This is probably the best muzzle blast break for your large caliber sniper rifles.

The Cadex MX1 muzzle brake is designed to deflect the muzzle blast away from the shooter and his spoter.  Gases exit sideways and upwards to reduce felt recoil, dust cloud and improve rifle control.  It will soften your 338 Lapua recoil like it was a 243 Winchester.

Crafted from 416 Stainless Steel.

Now offering black and tan, and offering a number of muzzle thread patterns:

For 50 BMG

  • 1-14UNF

Note:  for calibers greater than .338, look for the Cadex MX1 for 338 Lapua and the Cadex MX1 for CheyTac.


Note:  This item is ordered from the factory.  Please allow 4 weeks for delivery