Cadex Dual Strike Remington SA, .308 or 6.5CM Chassis

MSRP: $2,499.00
(You save $323.00 )

Cadex Dual Strike Remington SA: .308 or 6.5 Creedmoor Skeletonized Chassis

Okay, so what is cool in long-range shooting?  Yes, a Mk13 is cool.  What else?  Cadex is cool.

Cadex is a new line for Charlie's and you will see much more.  This is our favorite chasis.  Heavy weight champion, the Cadex Dual Strike with the Remington Short Action.

We chose the Tan to carry, but can order you any color or fit any action.

We have other to follow, but enjoy.  Send us a note if you have any questions, and we can talk about what Cadex works best for you.


Cadex' Dual Strike chassis is a feature-rich system that is, according to Cadex, currently in use by Spec Ops, as well as by long-range precision marksmen.


  • Tool-free, fully-adjustable stock
  • Monopod rail
  • Folding buttstock, which protects bolt handle when completely folded
  • Oversized trigger guard and magazine release, enabling gloved-shooting without issue
  • Ergo grip (rubberized, finger-grooved)
  • 20 MOA full-length dual top rail, which attaches to fore end tube
  • Aluminum detachable base, permitting easy access for trigger adjustment
  • Heavy-duty fore end, permitting attachment of accessory rails at 3-, 6-, and 9-o'clock positions
  • Sleeves are available to permit use of many popular magazines
  • Short action chassis weigh 7.27 lbs.
  • Long action chassis weigh 7.43 lbs.


Note:  This item is ordered from the factory.  Please allow 5 weeks for delivery