Shot Show

Knights Armament and the Vault

I realize that SHOTSHOW 2018 is over, but from my notes, I still have some updates to post.

I have to warn to you.  We can be nerdy at Charlie's.  This is really nerd central.  Those who do know what KAC spells... well, it is okay to tune-out now.

First, Just What is the Vault ?

So, Knights Armament, for those of us nerds who follow such things, has decided to re-release some items from the past, and from time to time, they will refresh their offering, and when they do, they characterize this offering as the Vault. It is important to note that, like many religious experiences, when you go to talk to Knights, Knights does not usually talk back.  If you hear someone tell you that "Knights said..." or even, "I have it on good authority that KAC..."  Close your ears.  Someone had too many mushrooms.  No, we are given bits and pieces of information, much as the ancient prophets got pieces to the puzzle, but not the whole road map to the Universe all in one setting.  But, as best I can tell, the items in the Vault are put there as as one time experience.  For you to savor and taste.  The question everyone is asking Charlie is:  okay, so will they have another run of this rail, or is it a once an done?  Well, I have it on good authority that most are a one-time production run, but several of the early 2018 releases, like the MRE, will be produced again later in the year.  Who knows.  It is not normal production, but I think KAC will do a run from time to time.

Now, at Charlies, for the clone nerds, Knights, or KAC is one of the most revered of holy clone shrines, and whatever KAC does, causes a bit of a clone storm.  I will be honest.  When I look at the super-secret photos I took, while Adam Pinni was not looking, I now think, from the comfort of my office, WTF, these are rails !!  And to think, I was grabbing Adam and sucer-punching him metaphorically to get a slice of his time to talk about "what's new at KAC."

Well, this note is to update you on what we saw.  But first, I want to highlight the first of the KAC vault in 2018 to be opened to the public, and I am announcing today that we got our shipment at Charlie's Custom Clones, and now are selling... drum roll please ... 

The Knights Armament front rail to the H&K MP5 submachine gun.  Now, in nerdoom, this MP5 RAS has been a treasure to find in the past.  It has not been made for years.  I am sure someone reading this who is even more nerdy than me can tell you the month and year, but this is actually a fun rail, as the MP5 is a great clone to build, and do it in such a way that it is not fully automatic.  There are books and blogs just on this topic.  So, we are proud to announce our new stock of Part 97198, the KAC MP5 RAIL ADAPTER, so take a look. 

Knights Armament MP5 RAS Rail on sale at Charlie's Custom ClonesKnights Armament KAC MP5 Rail Adapter, Part 97198 on sale at Charlie's Custom Clones

If you want one, get one.  We had a large number of KAC MP5 RAS Rails that were spoken for, and we now have more than a handful and less than a crate of these rails, ready to ship as of today.  If you ever think you might build an H&K MP5 semi-auto clone, get one.  Because, when you do want to build one, you will be waiting another 10 years for the Vault to open.

What Else was at SHOT in the KAC Vault

Or, so you ask.  Well, there are two H&K RAS Rails for H&K battle rifles, the 91 and the 93.  Those are pretty exciting.   Yes, NEEERD !!  At Charlie's we have those on order, and expect Knights to ship to us probably in Q3.  Then, there were four RAS rails with cutesy names that were resurrected:  The Carbine RAS, the Mid-Length RAS, and the the MRE RAS and not to be outdone by the "Too-Long" RAS.  That was followed-up by the XM9 9mm suppressor kit.

So, with that, I am going to post some raw pics.  The secret shots.  In here, you can also get a glimpse of the super-noso-secret 7.62 KAC suppressor unveiled at SHOT.

To read more about SHOTSHOW 2018, be sure to read our write-up of the Scopes that Matter for 2018 and also about the Leupold Mark 5.

SHOTSHOW 2018 Knights Armament 7.62 Suppressor from Charlies Custom ClonesHK91 and HK93 Knights Armament RAS at SHOTSHOW 2018 by John GillHK RAS and MRE RAS at Knights Armament booth at SHOTSHOW 2018 shown at Charlie's Custom ClonesKAC booth at SHOTSHOW 2018 H&K RAS in the Vault by Charlie's Custom ClonesKAC Carbine and Too-Long RAS at SHOTSHOW 2018 by Charlie's Custom ClonesFree Floating RAS from KAC Vault at SHOTSHOW 2018 by Charlie's Custom ClonesFree Floating RAS Too-Long at KAC SHOTSHOW 2018 by Charlies Custom Clones, reporting on Knights Armament VaultFree Floating RAS at Knights SHOTSHOW 2018 by John GillKnights Vault at SHOTSHOW by Charlies Custom ClonesKnights Armament SHOTSHOW booth 2018 'The Vault' by Charlies Custom ClonesH&K 91 H&K 93 RAS at The Vault by Knights Armament, reported by Charlies Custom Clones


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