Shot Show

Gotta Love the 'Sig and shout-out to Larry from 2018 SHOT SHOW !

Now, here at Charlie's we mostly talk about rifles, parts, scopes and AR's, but no discussion of SHOT SHOW would be complete without talking about the Army's new M-17 from Sig and also Larry Vickers.

First a note on Larry.  Larry is one of the foremost experts on all things tactical.  But, if you are on this Website, you know that.  Larry hits on the highlights of SHOT, and I had a tough time finding him.  I ask, "Larry, where can we meet for 15 minutes?"  He told me to follow the cameras.  Larry was everywhere.  We saw him at Sig, at Blue Force Gear at HK, and a few points in-between.  One of our teammates here at Charlie's asked me what Larry was like in-person.  I told him, "what you see on video is who he is."  I think he does not sleep, and he is a master at Social Media.  At Charlie's we are not yet on Facebook, but Larry tells us, "social is where its at," so we will give it a try...

Sig Sauer won the Army's contract for a modular side arm, and the civilian version of the P320 is basically it, but now they have the real deal, the M-17, and a new civilan update coming this year.

Sig's pistol comes in three parts:  The barreled upper, and the polymer lower, and a serialized trigger assembly in-between.  This means that you can change-out the upper and the lower between three models:  The full size, the compact, and the carry, and the barrels between multiple calibers.  As if that was not flexible enough, each of the models comes in hand sizes:  small, medium and large.

Sound confusing?  Well, let's let Phil Shrader and Larry Vickers explain it: