Your AR Gun Parts Supplier Offers Reasons to Go to the Shooting Range


Whether you are preparing for the military, joining the police academy or are just a recreational shooter, going to the shooting range can be an adventure; an adventure with benefits. Believe it or not, going to the shooting range is good for you, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Charlie’s Custom Clones, your AR gun parts supplier, brings you the top benefits of going to the shooting range.

Build Strength

Carrying around your guns and ammo is as good a workout as lifting weights. And you don't have to go to a stinky gym to get in your reps. It’s a good thing that carrying around all that weight build muscle, because you need good strong and steady arms to aim and shoot at your targets.


While many people spend their free time on the couch watching silly television shows, you are at the shooting range increasing your strength, stamina and fine motor skills. These are just a few physical disciplines acquired when you go to the shooting range on a regular basis.

What do you acquire when you sit at home all day binge watching shows on Netflix? You get lazy, overweight and a mind not as sharp as it could be.


It doesn’t take a whole lot of focus to watch a television show. In fact, you can doze your way through most anything on these days. But keeping your eyes on the target while aiming a gun requires plenty of focus. You find yourself with a clear mind, with only one goal; to hit that target.


While going to the shooting range won’t repair your eyes to 20/20 vision, it will exercise your eyes and keep them healthy. Additionally, keeping your eyes on a target is far better for them than staring into a computer or phone screen for hours on end.


By going to the shooting range, you will improve your shooting skills. When this happens, it builds confidence. This confidence is then carried outside the shooting range and applied in everyday life situations.

The confidence you build while on the shooting range makes you a better person at home, at work and in everyday life.



One of the best ways to learn and improve responsibility id by going to the shooting range. Shooting sports cultivate personal responsibility because they are a foundation for security and safety.

Adrenaline Rush

People always feel good when they get an adrenaline rush. Shooting at the shooting range provides this type of rush. Adrenaline increases your blood rate, which fuels your body and makes you feel good.

Improved Balance

Shooting exercises you do at the shooting range requires good posture and balance. When you practice target shooting, you are essentially encouraging your body proper posture and proper stance that improves your balance.

As you can see, visiting a shooting range on a regular basis is not only fun, but it improves many facets of your body and mind. It will do your body and mind a lot of good if you were to hit the shooting range more often.

If you need parts for your AR gun, check out what Charlie’s Custom Clones has to offer.