Customize Your AR Rifle with to fit your Persona !!

While most AR rifles will never be used in a combat situation, it is still critical that you build a bond with your rifle. Learning how your AR rifle works and how to respect it is the best thing you can do. Every AR owner should be regularly shooting their gun, cleaning their gun and tinkering around with it to get to know it better. Getting to know your weapon better translates to operating it more safely and effectively.

There are many AR owners who customize their weapon, or "trick out their guns" as a way to not only personalize it, but to build a bond with it as well. Personalizing your AR rifle is easy as Charlie’s Custom Clones offers a plethora (like that word?  Websters:  Pleth-or-a:  shit load) of aftermarket AR parts for infinite customizations. Most people who own an AR rifle have a good idea on how they want to customize it even before they buy it.

People who own rifles appreciate how changing out the smallest parts can make their rifle stand out from others. They are also surprised by how easy it is to change out parts. Here are some ways you can trick out your AR rifle and transform it into something that nobody else has.



It is important that your AR rifle feels good in your hands. How it feels in your hands plays a major role in the level of comfort you get to enjoy when practicing at the shooting range. If your rifle just doesn’t feel right, you think about your hands as opposed to focusing on shooting. It is a distraction that will cause you to be less accurate with your shots. A grip that is comfortable increases your rifle shooting experience.

When it comes to grips, you have many decisions to make. First off, you must decide what material you prefer. For example, you need to decide if you want a rubber grip or a polymer grip and you need to choose whether you want fiberglass reinforcement or not.

But those aren't your only choices. You need to choose the ergonomics that suit you best, this is often based on the size of your hand. There are also other considerations including the color of the grip you desire.

LaRue APEG grip for sale at Charlie's Custom ClonesFDE taupe grip available at Charlie's Custom Clones


Your AR rifle is a powerful weapon and will produce recoil. When tricking out your rifle, consider how to make it more comfortable while shooting. This is something you should consider when choosing the right stock for you.

When shopping for a stock, you will soon discover there are a lot of options you can choose. But it is critical to consider weight, quality and fit before making a purchase.

It helps if you consider the intended use of your rifle before making a choice. For example, there are stocks that are a better option if you are target shooting and stocks that should be used if your AR rifle is strictly for defending yourself.

Your choice of a barrel for your AR rifle depends greatly on the purpose of your gun, personal preferences and the shooting experience you desire.

Some gun owners prefer a longer barrel because they provide a more accurate shot. Others prefer shorter barrels because they feel it enhances the shooting experience. A shorter barrel also enables you to maneuver a little more easily.

Many shooters prefer a lighter barrel because they perform better with a lighter rifle, bother don't mind carrying around the extra weight.

LMT SOPMOD Gen2 stock for M4A1 Block2 and Mk18 Mod1 clone build at Charlies Custom Clones


If you think the stock iron sites on your AR are good enough, you should think again. One of the most common upgrades people make to their AR rifles is optics.

If you are looking to be as accurate as possible, you need to carefully consider what kind of optics will work best for you. There are several types of optics available including red dots, scopes, holographic sights and hybrid sights.

Again, it is important to know what you are using your rifle for when choosing the type of optics you need. An AR rifle used for target shooting needs a different type of optics than a rifle that will be used for defense purposes.


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