News from the Bunker at Charlie's for May

Okay.  Make way.  Time for more unfiltered commercial for Charlie's Custom Clones.

Commercials are not bad.  They feed the family and keep our business alive, so pay attention.


Sorry, if your significant other is reading this.  Guns and Girls, especially joystick hugging flight jockey babes... Gotta stop and smell the spring flowers...  I have no idea what I am saying... back to guns.

We hope that you will make Charlie's your home for tactical hardware, military upper receiver groups, precision long-range and sniper rifle chassis and some of the strategic parts for your clone build.

February was a busy month, after all the excitement from SHOTSHOW.  As part of that, we were able to nail-down some strategic supplier relationships, which is important as we build our business.  March went crazy with business that we did not expect.  Quite frankly, we got a little overwhelmed with business, which is good, but we struggled to keep-up.  

April was a steady month for us.  Lots of new faces, and we have solidified some great repeat customers. April was a sane month.  We got some new mil/LE orders, and that is always great to be able to serve our men an women on the front lines. We had some online comments from one of the online know-it-all forums talk some shit about us, but I guess that goes with the territory.  We are learning.  We are not doing everything 100%, but we learn, and try to do better the next month, and take it one month at a time.

Did I mention, we love our customers at Charlies !! Thanks for what you do to make it real.  

Speaking of customers, I want to point to some of our galley pics.  We take our customer photos very seriously.  You have taken the time to share with us some of your projects, and that is really cool.  Keep 'em coming, pls.  I know, it takes time.  You buy some great stuff in February, and then you don't get around to posting it until May.  May!!  That is now.  Send 'em in.

May is here.  April was a month to work on processes.  I think that will continue in May.  One thing we have to get right is our pictures.  Holy shit.  We really suck at pictures of our great inventory.  It takes time, man, what can I say.  We have 1,500 items, and last count we had 365 online.  

If you don't see something, say something.  We probably have it, and just have not gotten the time to put it on the Website.

Next, our scope sale We are offering 10% off on every scope, optic, red-dot, sight and set of rings or mount with the purchase of $500 of other hardware. We have been moving a lot of barrels and accessories, and our scopes -- one of the best selection in the business -- have not moved as fast.  On reason might be that our prices look high.  You see, in the high-end rifle and equipment business, in order to carry the best brands, we, and other retailers, have agreed to not list products below a certain level that the manufacturer sets.  This is not true will all manufacturers, but it is with many.  So, our answer is to pass on some of the savings that we have secured with some large purchases from our optics vendors, when you buy the great equipment that you are already buying today.  See the detail about our sale HERE.

Speaking of scopes, we mentioned some new scopes for April.  Demand has been so strong, that we are backlogged with orders, so I will mention some again for this month. 

From Nightforce, we will have the new 1-8x scopes at great prices.  Most of this is currently back-ordered, so we update our Website inventory as products arrive.  We currently have the NX8 1-8x in MOA, and MIL, but there is a backlog in orders.  If you want one, email us.  We need to get you on the list. We are selling a number of orders to our LE customers -- Police Departments, Sheriff's Offices, and Agencies.  We have to give them first choice, but we are ordering 100's from Nightforce, so be sure to let us know if you want one.  It will be a wait, but a great scope at a great price.  True 1x capability.

The ATACR 1-8x is available only in MIL, and this baby is wait listed out to August, so get on the list if you want one. 

Our scope reviewer here at Charlies noted that the Nightforce 1-8x scopes were the most impressive scopes for 2018 out of SHOTSHOW.

Nightforce 1-8x24mm at Charlies Custom Clones

Also from Nighforce is the return of the NXS 2.5-10x24mm scope, both in MIL and MOA.  We just got a good sized shipment, and we will be refreshing this inventory every month through October.  

This is a great achievement, and an EXCLUSIVE here at Charlie's, after much negotiation.  This scope will pair nicely with the Mk12 Mod 1.

I mean really, how do you choose the right scope for a Mk12 clone?  Lots of good choices, but the NF 2.5-10x has to be on your list.

Nighforce 2.5-10x24mm scope at Charlies Custom Clones

From Leupold, we have a number of clone perfect scopes in-stock and on their way.  Our biggest trouble is getting the pics on the Website.  We have scopes for the Mk12 Mod0, Mk12 Mod1, SAM-R, the new USMC M38 DMR, the Mk11 and the M110 military sniper rifles.  This will include the unobtainium TS30-A2 and some less expensive variants, as well as the 3.5-10x FDE TMR scopes for the M110, again with a number of different variations, and then a smilliar 3.5-10x in black that are clone perfect for the Mk11 and Mk12 Mod0Keep an eye out.  As of this writing we do not have all these scopes on the Website.  But... You will want to see what we have. 

Charlie's has the largest inventory of Leupold Mark 4 clone scopes in the USA.  And, we have a commitment to keep a small but steady supply coming throughout 2018.


Leupold 3.5-10x40mm FDE scope for the M110 sniper rifles at Charlies Custom ClonesLeupold TS30-A2 sniper rfilescope model 1126333 for the Mk12 at Charlies Custom Clones

If you have not read our blog on scopes, both the overall excitement at SHOTSHOW and the evaluation of the new Leupold Mark 5, and overall commentary on scope selection, you should.

Here is some great news, and I know many of you have been waiting for this. 

Charlie's is now officially a licensed firearms manufacturer and dealer.

What this means, is that in addition to being the best place to shop for military grade uppers and parts, we will now be selling complete rifles.  Both rifles that are custom built by us, Potomac Armory, Custom Lake, and other unique specialty brands, and factory direct rifles from our great suppliers, like Knights Armament, Colt, Daniel Defense, LMT and others.

tan sniper rifle at Charlie's Custom ClonesUS Army M4A1 Block 1 at Charlie's Custom Clones

We will also be offering later in the year, some military correct rifles, like the M40 and M1 Garand, as well as complete M110 and M4A1 rifles and some select pistols.

M100 SASS rifle at Charlie's Custom ClonesUSMC wood stock M40 at Charlie's Custom Clones

To some of our collectors, we will also have collector lower receivers, like the Colt Commando M4, the Mexico Army M4, LEO lowers and M4A1 lower receivers, etc.

Colt Commando lower receiver at Charlie's Custom ClonesColt Law Enforcement LEO Lower Receiver at Charlie's Custom ClonesM4A1 lower receiver at Charlie's Custom Clones

Barrels and more barrels.  Barrels have been a focus for us at Charlies.  Almost by accident, as we just could not get the barrels we needed for our military clones and for our our law enforcement customers.

You should keep a sharp eye on our Website for the release of some really awesome barrels -- at both the CQC / SBR side as well as the long-range sniper side.

I know, we have been promising barrels for months now.  And, it might still be a while until we get everything unveiled, but we have some amazing barrels coming.  I feel like I am teasing you, but I promise.

from Colt, we will have a number of new offerings that many of you have been waiting on, in the 10.3, 11.5 and 14.5" variety.  There are just too many to mention, and that will be an entire blog just about Colt M4 and SOCOM barrels.  I think we will have everything you are looking for in the short barrel range from Colt in a few weeks.

FBI heavy profile 11.5" Colt barrel at Charlies Custom Clones10.3" Colt SOCOM barrel at Charlies Custom ClonesColt M4 14.5" SOCOM barrel at Charlies Custom Clones

From our partners at Potomac Armory and Knights Armament, we will have the first of our long awaited Mk11 and M110 barrels start to dribble-in.  This is one of my most favorite projects.  The only regret I have is that what I thought would take three months is taking 18 months.  I would like to think we will have our first barrels ready by end of May.  Right now, it is looking like we will have a small number of Mk11 barrels in May, and M110 barrels in June.


M110 SASS barrel at Charlie's Custom ClonesUS Navy Mk11 Mod0 barrel at Charlie's Custom Clones

Thanks for reading, and stay well.

by John at Charlie's Custom Clones