Charlie's announces FREE Thin Blue Line hats

As a salute to the men and women in law enforcement, Charlie's Custom Clones is announcing that customers will receive two free Thin Blue Line hats with a purchase over $100*.  

Debbie G., one of the partners behind Charlie's Custom Clones noted:  "Every day, the men and women of law enforcement keep us safe, and I am personally saddened at targeting and killing of cops in our communities.  We cannot do enough to tell them 'thank you,' and this is a very small thing we are doing at Charlie's."

By offering two hats, customers have the opportunity to wear one proudly, and to give a hat to a cop and tell that law enforcement office that you stand with him or her.

Hats are also made available at a special discounted price, so you can buy two, four or ten, and do like Debbie's husband John does, and always keep one in your car to give to a law enforcement officer. 

Charlie's Thin Blue Line hats

"This kind of started by accident a few weeks back," commented Debbie.  "When got a shipment of hats in from Rothco, and were enjoying the quality, and while driving home, John and I heard out house alarm.  Our dog was at home and set-off the alarm, and there came the County Police.  I told John he owed the officer a thank you, so I asked him to give the officer a hat.  The police officer was genuinely pleased.  I mean, it was only a $10 hat, but our ability to say, 'thanks for your service,' and his pleasure at the gesture made all of our day."

What do you plan to do with your two hats from Charlie's ?

To get your discount code, click here:  Charlie's Thin Blue Line free hats offer

Look next month for some offers for our men and women in the Armed Services.

* limit of two free hats per household.