Your Source for AR Parts Offers Long-Range Shooting Tips

Your Source for AR Parts Offers Long-Range Shooting Tips

Posted by Charlie's Custom Clones on Nov 30th 2018

In the world of weapons, distance has always been a goal. Even in the days of the spear, those who could throw it the farthest were looked upon with admiration. Archers in medieval England couldn’t join the ranks of the king’s army until they were able to reach targets from 200 yards.

In America, Civil War marksmen confirmed kills from distances of 1,000 yards. And modern snipers boast of eliminating threats from distances beyond 2,000 yards.

We are in the age of the gadget and all too many shooters feel as though they can buy their way into long-range shooting success simply by having the latest cutting-edge gizmo. Granted, there are a lot of fine gadgets out there that will improve your distance accuracy, but no matter how sophisticated the gizmo, it is the person behind the rifle who must make the shot.

Charlie’s Custom Clones, your source for AR gun parts, offers tips on how to improve your long-range shooting.

Choose Your Weapon Wisely

It is critical that you choose a rifle that fits you and that is comfortable. The proper fit of a firearm is more than just how it feels while you are holding it with your eye up to the optic, it’s about the control you have over it and establishing a consistency every time you bring it to your shoulder.

The right weapon has a lot to do with factors like weight and size. If you choose a weapon that is too heavy for you, you can’t expect success. The same holds true if you have a weapon that is too light for you.

At Charlie's Custom Clones, we are dedicated to the best in rifle parts, and soon will be carrying full rifles. We focus on the battle ready "close quarter" combat rifles and also on the longer-range precision rilfes, custom builds from very high quality shops and sniper rifles. If you are looking for the basic inexpensive AR, that is really not us.

Collect Data

One very important aspect of long-distance shooting is to learn what your gun will do in every type of condition. So take a lot of notes and practice long-distance shooting in a variety of weather conditions.

Follow Through

Everybody knows that you want to have a slow and steady squeeze until the shot breaks. And you know not to jerk. But many people fail to follow through on the squeeze. That is, after the shot breaks, continue to squeeze until you reach the rear and then slowly release the trigger back to the front.

Know Your Ammo

Not all ammo is created equal. You need to buy several types of ammo and test them out to determine which one is most accurate for your specific firearm.

Charlie's does not carry much ammo, but what we really like is Black Hills. If you want to improve your game with an AR15, try it.

Don’t Go Cheap on the Scope

Some might think that an $800 scope is overrated and that one for $100 at Walmart will do just fine. The problem is that the people who believe this have never peered through a quality scope in a shooting situation. It’s like the difference between a Mazda B-Series and a Ford F250.

For a review of current new scopes, take a look at our blog on scopes Charlie saw at SHOTSHOW. We also have a blog on the Leupold Mark 5.

Know When to Pull the Trigger

When you are dialed in and locked on a target, you will notice the rise and fall of your breath and the pounding of your heartbeat. To be as consistent with your shot as possible, you will want to pull the trigger when your body is most relaxed. So it is best to pull the trigger at the bottom of your exhale.

Technically, your body starts becoming deprived of oxygen when you hold your breath for just three or four seconds, so it will start shaking if you hold it longer than that. This means you have about three to four seconds to pull the trigger.

If you are looking for triggers, we carry the best triggers at Charlie's.

Go Prone

Competition long-range shooters and hunters lay in a prone position for shots. This is a comfortable position that keeps your body stable and minimizes the effect of your heartbeat.

Range It

Use a rangefinder to get the correct range of your target so you can make the appropriate adjustments on your elevation dial.

Solid Ground

Your body should be well-grounded with both elbows on the ground as well as your forearms.

Lose the Death Grip

You should hold your rifle firmly, but try not to hold it with a death grip. This will enable you to better control the recoil.

Charlie’s Custom Clones is your source for military grade rifle builds and parts. We are experts in both close-quarter and precision rifle components and builds. If you don’t see something that you need, contact us and we will get it for you.